Group Singing Lessons

Toddlers' Group Singing Lessons

Talking is the voice of human, singing is the voice of soul.

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Benefits of Group Singing Lessons

There is a myriad of benefits for students to participate in group singing lessons.

Group singing lessons are a cost-effective way to introduce music to your child or teen. It’s also a great starting point for students that love to sing but are apprehensive about participating in lessons by themselves, preferring the additional moral support of singing in a group context. Students of course always have the option of moving to an individual lesson at a later stage if preferred.

For children and teens, group singing plays an important role in fostering a positive sense of social inclusion,  providing a positive platform for self-expression, and a way to instill healthy vocal techniques from an early age.

One of the key benefits of group singing lessons is that students gain the valuable opportunity to sing on a weekly basis in front of others. This regular opportunity helps students in building self-confidence, a key ingredient in helping young people thrive and in the bigger picture, lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Melbourne Voiceworks’ group singing lessons are a fun and exciting way for children and teens to develop their vocal skille while building confidence. Lessons are carried out in a supportive and uplifting environment conducive to providing an optimal learning experience for all students.

Students will be introduced to vocal technique and music literacy in a fun, tactile, and interactive way.  Above all, lessons are designed to be fun!

What will students learn?

Students will be guided through songs both as a collective and have the opportunity to sing solo or solo parts in a chosen piece.

All key principles covered in individual classes will also be covered in group classes. This will include, warm-ups, scales, vocal technique, musicality (refinement of pitch & rhythm - the pillars of a good vocalist) and more.

The repertoire of songs covered will be chosen based on catering to the musical interests of the group and that appropriate to the overall level of the group.

How Do Group Lessons Work?

Students are grouped together with those of a similar age and level of experience. Students are not required to have prior music experience as lessons cater for all levels and students will be guided appropriately for whatever level they are at. Group classes can run for a minimum of two people and a maximum of 4.

Group Performance Opportunities

Students involved in group classes will also have the opportunity to perform in our mid and end of year concerts. This provides students with the opportunity to build further confidence by performing to a live audience and gaining valuable performance experience with the comfort of performing in a group setting.

Are you ready to start singing?

"Everyone has a beautiful just have to know how to use it!" ~ Jo Estill

We invite you to join us at the Melbourne Voiceworks studio to discover what your voice is truly capable of!