Teen Singing Lessons


The voice represents one of our primary modes of self-expression.

Benefits of singing lessons for teens

At Melbourne Voiceworks, we continually see first-hand the profound, positive influence that music has on teenagers and young adults.  We provide young students with a nurturing environment with which to express themselves in a creative manner through the style of music they are most drawn to.

Studies show that involvement in the music we love fires up the various neurochemicals in the brain responsible for promoting positive feelings.  Similar to the benefits of exercise, singing has been proven to release endorphins (the feel-good chemical) and decrease levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), promoting a more relaxed state.

Adolescence represents a significant period of vocal transformation and development of vocal identity in young people.  Singing helps teens to navigate the physiological changes in their voice with greater ease and to forge a strong kinesthetic understanding of using their voice in a manner that supports their vocal health and longevity.

Singing is a great platform for developing confidence, a component that is especially important for teens while in the midst of cementing their relationship with themselves and the world around them.   We work with students to encourage the use of positive self-talk throughout lessons and help students to embrace the fearless exploration of their voice.

Above all, lessons are designed to be fun!

Lesson Structure

Lessons are thoughtfully structured to meet the needs of the individual student and in such a way that they complement the students' goals and preferred pace of learning.

Each lesson commences with warm-ups and exercises that are relevant to the development of the individual voice.  Students will sing through 1-2 songs each lesson and receive guidance on how to further develop their voice while addressing areas such as pitch/intonation, rhythm, resonance, increased vocal agility and control, breath management, and healthy vocal projection techniques.

Our highly-qualified vocal specialists are trained to assist in a broad range of vocal styles and to bring out the best in each unique voice!

Are you ready to start singing?

"Everyone has a beautiful voice...you just have to know how to use it!" ~ Jo Estill

We invite you to join us at the Melbourne Voiceworks studio to discover what your voice is truly capable of!