Teen Singing Lessons
Teen Singing Lessons

Through speech or song, the voice represents one of our primary modes
of self-expression.

Benefits of singing lessons for teens

At Melbourne Voiceworks, we continually witness first-hand the profound, positive influence that music has on teens.  We strive to provide teens with a safe and nurturing environment with which to express themselves in a positive, creative and healthy manner, through the style of music that most appeals to them.  Singing not only provides a positive platform for self-expression, but it is also a fantastic way to reduce stress & anxiety, and provide teens with something fun and exciting to look forward to each week.

Studies show that involvement in the music we love, has the capacity to fire up the various neurochemicals in the brain responsible for promoting positive feelings.  Similar to the benefits of going for a walk or exercising, singing has been proven to release endorphins (the feel good chemical) and decrease levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), promoting a more relaxed state.  Regardless of whether singing is pursued on a serious level or purely as a hobby, singing has the capacity to profoundly and positively affect our mood and state of mind.

Aside from singing being a fabulous stress buster, singing is a great platform for growing confidence and self-belief. Something that is vital for young people transitioning from childhood to adulthood, as they begin to cement their perception of themselves and the world around them.

Lesson Structure

Lessons are carefully considered to meet the needs of each individual student and structured in such a way that they compliment the students schedule, lifestyle, goals, and preferred pace of learning.

Teachers at Melbourne Voiceworks acknowledge that students have varying reasons for wanting to take up singing lessons, all of which we believe are fantastic.  Some will desire to take singing lessons for recreational purposes, some gravitate to it as a form of self-expression, and some will have aspirations to pursue singing in a professional setting. Reasons aside, we encourage everyone with a desire to learn and love assisting students to see their goals into fruition.

We commence each lesson by guiding students through warm-ups and exercises that are relevant to the development of their individual voice, addressing areas such as pitch/intonation, rhythm, how to modulate the quality of their tone, alter resonance, increase vocal agility and control, breath management, safe projection, vocal health and many more.   Our team of highly-qualified vocal specialists are trained to assist with a broad range of vocal styles and will assist in mentoring students each lesson as they sing through songs they are passionate about.

Building Confidence & Self-Esteem

Developing a skill or set of skills gives us a wonderful sense of achievement. With regular lessons, students begin to see their progress, which ultimately results in a sense of accomplishment and assists in elevating confidence.

At Melbourne Voiceworks we encourage students to be kind and patient with themselves throughout the learning process. In a world where we often fear ‘getting it wrong’, we work with students to encourage the use of positive self-talk throughout lessons and help students to embrace fearless exploration of their voice.

Above all, lessons are designed to be fun!