Can Anyone Learn To Sing?

11 July 2018

Believe it or not, yes! Through training and practise, everyone is capable of learning how to sing! While it’s true that the physiological components of our voice determined by genetics, such as vocal tract shape, size and build will influence our voice, it doesn’t impede our ability to learn how to sing in tune, in […]

Nervous about performing? – You’re not Alone

18 January 2018

Regardless of being an accomplished vocalist or beginner vocalist, performing can conjure a myriad of emotions. If you’ve ever grappled with any of the following thoughts as you’re about to set foot on the stage, then you may share similarities with some of the world’s most reknown performers. Am I good enough? What will others […]

Vocal Health For Singers

18 June 2017

The human voice is nothing other than a miraculous instrument, however unlike the replaceability of a misused piano, guitar, or drumkit, we only get one voice! To ensure it functions optimally, please read the following article. For any further questions you are welcome to email us at [email protected]. Table Of Contents Hydration Cold and Flu […]

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