Our Crew
Lisa Flynn
Director / Teacher


Lisa has a wealth of experience as a vocalist in both original and cover bands, spanning across multiple styles of music. She has performed in duos, trios and big bands (consisting of 12 plus instrumentalists), and was recently selected to represent Australia as a vocalist in the World Championship of Performing Arts held in Los Angeles.   Her extensive performance experience, years of teaching and studies have enabled her to acquire a solid understanding of a broad range of vocal styles and techniques necessary to master them.

Lisa currently divides her time between teaching at St Francis of Assisi Primary school, conducting lessons at Melbourne Voiceworks, and collaborating with a Melbourne producer songwriting for film and television.

She holds a Bachelor of Music, Advanced Diploma of Jazz/Popular music, Diploma of Jazz/Popular Music, Estill Figure Proficiency Certification and currently completing her masters.


As part of her increased interest in voice science, Lisa has obtained her Estill certificate of Figure Proficiency, undergone further Estill testing and is soon to commence her internship to become a certified Estill Master Teacher.

Estill is a model endorsed by vocalists and voice professionals worldwide. The model encourages independent control of all vocal structures within the larynx responsible for generating voice, and components of the vocal tract (or throat) responsible for regulating resonance.

Developing understanding of how to voluntarily control the structures of the voice, and how to apply them empowers vocalists through freedom, control and flexibility to realise the true potential of their voice, without straining or compromising the health of the voice.  The Estill model is based on voice science, and therefore has no aesthetic bias, lending its appropriateness to all music genres, both speaking and singing.


Lisa has a caring, patient demeanour and the innate ability to help people feel instantly at ease. She takes the time to get to know you, your musical goals and any challenges you have.  From this she then navigates the most effective method of learning to assist you in leveraging your complete potential.

She utilises mindset transformation tools to shift any limiting beliefs and/or negative thinking patterns that may be holding you back, and turns them into nurturing and empowering ones that benefit both your singing and your life. Lisa is highly passionate about helping people achieve their vocal goals while simultaneously supporting the individual behind the voice.

Franca Locandro
Singing Teacher


Franca’s experience in music is both rich and varied.  Her extraordinary passion for teaching spans over 10 years at music schools, private colleges and Grammar schools, covering a broad range of vocal styles.

She has worked as both a vocal teacher and choral director for Luther college, the Knox school and Peninsula Grammar, where she was the lead coach for the senior school musical and has also mentored and prepared students for practical examinations for VCE, A.M.E.B and trinity college exams.  

Franca currently divides her time between studying speech pathology, teaching vocals at Melbourne Voiceworks and co-writing music in an acoustic three-part harmony group.


Franca has completed a Bachelor of Music at the Australian Catholic University and Master of Music Studies at the University of Melbourne.

Franca’s zest for learning and desire to assist vocalists that have been set back with vocal pathologies has led her to pursue her studies as a speech pathologist.  

Franca’s avid interest in voice science has seen her complete the Estill level 1 and 2 course in voice mechanics, the Estill advanced course, and additional studies to assist in her preparation for certification in the Estill model.


Franca fervently shares her knowledge with what many would describe as contagious enthusiasm!   

Her many years of study, performance and teaching experience have enabled her to collate a wealth of knowledge to impart to each of her students.  

Franca empowers vocalists through educating them in a fun and light hearted way on how their instrument functions from an anatomical and physiological perspective, and how to make adjustments to consistently get the sounds desired by the student in a safe and healthy manner.  

Franca encourages her students to explore the array of colours they within their voice, ultimately enabling them to achieve greater artistry and creativity in their singing.  

Franca works with each individual to help them see their goals into fruition, whilst ensuring they enjoy every step of the journey.  She engages students in such a manner that helps them feel instantly comfortable, capable and truly cared for.

Anita Levy
Singing Teacher


Anita Levy, born and raised in Japan, studied Bossa Nova and Jazz in Brazil at Souza Lima, a feeder school for Boston’s Berklee College of Music.  She has been part of a Brazilian ensemble and has performed as a singer in Portuguese at various venues in Melbourne and in Japan.  Anita continues to spend her time teaching, performing and composing music as she collaborates with artists from around the world.   Anita comes to us as an experienced singing teacher helping students develop a healthy voice and to find their own sound, no matter their preferred genre.  Students benefit from her music experience, her knowledge as a performer and all the personal support she gives each student.


Anita completed her Bachelor of Music majoring in Jazz and Contemporary Performance at Monash University and has completed her Estill Voice Training Level One and Level Two studies.  Anita keeps up to date with the latest techniques in vocal training.  She has participated in workshops with local and international artists both in Brazil and Melbourne which has given her rich and varied networks.


Anita sees the potential in every student.  She works with her students to see them develop new skills and grow in confidence.  Fun is an important component of the lesson enabling them to deepen their love and appreciation of music and the voice.  Anita helps students realise that they already have endless possibilities and potential in regard to their voice that can be developed and strengthened.  She helps students to have a growth mindset allowing them to soar to new heights and to explore new sounds working with them in a systematic way to cater to individual learning styles.

Elizabeth Psaila
Singing Teacher


Elizabeth is both an experienced teacher and seasoned performer, who commenced performing as a vocalist at the tender age of 4.   She is extremely passionate about sharing her knowledge and years of experience with her students, and has an exceptional ability to draw on the potential of each individual voice she works with, helping students realise what they are truly capable of.

Alongside Elizabeth's accomplishments as a vocalist, she is also an accomplished piano player and loves accompanying her students on piano.  She has completed both her AMEB/ANZCA grade 6 piano examinations and AMEB music theory.

Elizabeth's lessons are carried out with the utmost care, encouragement, and desire to help students succeed and feel confident in their abilities.


Elizabeth has a Diploma of Musical Theatre, has completed grade 7 AMEB vocal examinations, and undertaken full-time training at both the VCA and Patrick Studios Australia.   During her studies, she was fortunate to have trained in both the Estill Model and Vocal Alchemy method, and continues to explore these techniques and others, to further augment her knowledge of the voice.

Estill voice training is a model used by vocalists and voice professionals worldwide. The Estill model encourages independent control of the structures within the larynx responsible for generating voice, and components of the vocal tract (or throat) responsible for regulating resonance.  It empowers vocalists through freedom, control and flexibility, to realise the true potential of their voice, without straining or compromising the health of the voice.


Elizabeth is a highly passionate teacher and mentor, that takes the time to understand students’ individual goals, and help them grow to become confident, artistically inspired and technically capable singers. Elizabeth has been teaching for several years and is comfortable teaching students of any age and ability.

All vocal skills are developed in a safe, nurturing and holistic manner.