silver buyers Cleveland

silver buyers Cleveland

If you have old silver coins and jewelry sitting in your closet, you can convert them to cash. Silver buyers in Cleveland will purchase your sterling silver items and give you cash in return. If you are like most people, you could have some silver that you don’t need. Bring your silver items to Ohio Estates Coin and Jewelry, and we will assess it and give you an offer.

What is My Silver Worth?

Several factors contribute to the value of silver. Silver is a precious material that they trade on the international market. Therefore, the price of silver continually changes. The price of silver is based on pure silver. However, most silver jewelry and objects are made of silver that is combined with other metals. Sterling silver should have a stamp that says 925. This means that the content is no less than 92.5% sterling silver. Silver buyers in Cleveland will identify your silver and weigh the object. Then, you will get an offer based on the current market value of silver on the day of the sale.

Get the Most for Your Sterling Silver

The price of silver goes up and down on daily. However, the overall silver value has been increasing for many years. Therefore, you can be reasonably sure that your silver coins or jewelry are worth more today than they were 20 years ago. You likely have some old silver coins that came down through your family. The United States made and used silver dollars in the early part of the 1900s. These coins are worth more for their silver content than for their face value of one dollar. Bring your coins into our silver buyers in Cleveland, and we will give you a price for purchase. You can leave with a pocket full of bills.

How Do I Sell My Silver?

The best way to sell your silver is to gather it up and bring it to our shop. Our silver buyers in Cleveland will need to evaluate the silver to determine whether it is sterling. We only buy sterling silver and not silver plated items. Then, we weigh the items to find out how much to pay for the pieces. Keep in mind that you will receive an offer that is based on the percentage of silver that is in your coins or jewelry. We will make you an offer for your silver. You can choose to accept the offer, or you may prefer to keep the items. The decision is entirely up to you. You can keep your things and wait until the price rises.

Bring In Your Silver Coins and Jewelry

Look through your jewelry box and your old coins to find some sterling silver items. If you are not sure whether a piece is sterling, we can test it to verify content. We are dedicated to providing you with the best prices for your silver items. Stop by Ohio Estates Coin and Jewelry today with your silver objects, and we will give you an estimate for purchase.

silver buyers Cleveland

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