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Article provided by: FlyBy Aviation Academy

There are hundreds of flight schools throughout Europe. The average student will read hundreds of reviews to understand the experience of joining a particular pilot school.

A flight school can take several paths to teach people about aviation. It can be a small and traditional school with a local airport or an international one with the largest aircraft for airline training. The organization you choose depends on your goals and flight experience. You can get away with joining the small local school with limited facilities if you want to fly recreationally. You, however, need to join an international school with comprehensive facilities like FlyBy to become an international pilot on major airlines.

The choice you make will also depend on the relationship you build with the instructors and flight school. You will need to diligently study and prepare to qualify as a successful candidate, and will need to chose a learning environment that will best facilitate those ends. This is why it is important to visit any flight school that you are considering and interacting with the students and instructors.

The following is a breakdown of what you will get from our pilot training programs. 

Type of flight schools – Choose a Starter Training Package

Commercial License Package

You can only get remuneration for your pilot license when you qualify as a commercial pilot. We have training programs to qualify you as a commercial pilot, with many different models of planes and flight simulators that will help you navigate through the rigorous requirements for an EASA license. Our instructors impart precise knowledge of flight operations, with simple and clear instructions. We heed all regulations of flying different commercial planes and meet all standards as defined by the local and national governments for a commercial pilot school.

Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) Training Package

The commercial pilot license is only part of the larger ATPL certification program that is a minimum requirement to be able to captain a commercial jet someday. Commercial airlines have this license requirement for pilots who will be operating the most complex aircraft. Our flight academy focuses on the EASA ATPL certification which requires far fewer hours of flying lessons than an FAA certification and is broadly accepted across Europe.

Our integrated ATPL program encompasses several different licenses. The silver lining of this complicated certificate is that you will earn the following credentials:
• Commercial Pilot License
• Multi-Crew Cooperation
• Multi-Engine
• Instrument Rating

The ATPL program allows students without previous training to start from the lowest class available to become the pilot for some of the biggest airlines in the world. You will graduate from the aviation academy as with the ability to be hired as a First Officer with adequate technical training on building a career anywhere in the world.

Students with a qualifying PPL certification can quality for a reduced total cost of training and shave a few months off of their ATPL program by receiving credit for hours already flown.

ICAO English test

The ICAO English Test is as per the regulation of the aviation regulatory authorities. We have a professional team so you can meet the requirement of the ELP6. The test lasts half an hour and consists of three different intense parts for excellent learning and testing. The English test qualifies you to work in airlines in English-speaking countries.

Exam center – Members of Austro Control Examination System

FlyBy is happy to announce that we have full approval to undertake exams for Austro Control. These exams take place at our station in Spain; hence, it is easy for applicants in the area to make immediate bookings. Our approved center passes all requirements of Austro Control and has the right licensing for you to begin again with a clean slate.

The Austro Control is an effective flight processing system that cooperates all flights in the region via an online terminal. It allows users to enter a flight plan, change a program, send departure and arrival messages, and cancel the entire flight. The benefit of taking an EASA licensing exam with us is you do not have to incur accommodation and travel costs to another city. We have a flexible and reliable exam system that minimizes the stress of logistics, which will inadvertently affect your result.

We have a team of instructors with high professionalism and competence. We will organize your flight-training program and keep you motivated throughout every stage of the tuition. The superb level of providing instructions allows the freshest student to return to the job market with unmatched skills.

Call us today +44 7828 886964 to learn about joining the program and the specifics that apply to your situation.



Flight Training

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